Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cyber Shopping Revisited

We said we'd get back to this last-minute shopping thing, didn't we?

Do you think your little girl might one day have a vocation to Religious life? If Our Lord were to call her one day as His Mystical Bride, what could you do now to cultivate an awareness of the "still, small, voice"? Letting her be an altar server when she's a little older won't help. She may find it fulfilling at the time, but while little Johnny could aspire to the priestly role to which they attend, little Suzy could not. So, if the flaw in that plan is clear enough to you (and God help you if it isn't), read on.

Saintly Sisters is a Catholic family owned and operated business located in Rock Hill, South Carolina, providing affordable nun dolls in the hope of sparking vocations. When they set up shop in March of 2010, they had four dolls to choose from; Visitation, Holy Spirit Adoration, Sisters of Saint John, and the Sisters of Life. Since then they have added a Carmelite, Dominican, and Children of Mary doll. They hope to continue to add more orders to their line as well as branching out into other products.

As with all of us here at mwbh, this family recognizes the need for vocations to the religious life and the importance of actively reinforcing the possibility and beauty of a life of service to God in a young girl's mind and heart. Growing up without actual nuns is a sad reality of many parishes. Saintly Sisters hopes that our nun dolls will help change this reality. All of their dolls stand 13 inches tall, are available in Caucasian or African, and are attired in the authentic traditional garb of the order which they represent.

If you contact them online by Tuesday the 20th, they can still ship on time for Christmas. So click on their name above, and give your little girl a most unique gift this year. Ask for Suzzanne, and tell her that the Man with the Black Hat sent you.

You're welcome.

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