Thursday, December 01, 2011

Guided Missal: The Series

Our complete series on the revised English translation of the Missale Romanum (ordinary form) can be accessed with the table of contents below. Some chapters have been revised to correct certain errors, and for the sake of clarity -- another excuse to read them all again.

01: Prelude
02: Lost (and Found) in Translation
03: Introductory Rites
04: Oremus
05: Liturgy of the Word
06: Offertory
07: Consecration
08: Communion
09: Concluding Rites
10: Critical Issues (Construction in progress.)

It has been considered a unique series within the Catholic blogosphere (as we make no claim to it being the best). We leave it to you, dear reader, to determine for yourself. We also plan to explore the results of this implementation -- the manner and the substance -- in the near future.

Click on one, and prepare to be enlightened.

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Fr Martin Fox said...


Wow, great stuff! I am sorry I didn't find this sooner! But I'm catching up.

FYI, the first reports here are that folks seem fine with the translation and the adjustments. I'm sure some are unhappy; what remains to be seen is whether the new translation had any effect on their mood. I'm thinking not so much.