Friday, December 23, 2011

Obligatory “Person of the Year” Tribute

Beginning in 1927 with Charles Lindbergh, Time magazine has devoted its last issue of the calendar year, to recognizing the person or persons, who are judged to have made the most significant impact on newsworthy events of that year. The title of "Man of the Year" was bestowed on Mohandas Gandhi in 1930, and Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin in 1938 and 1939, respectively. After all, it's not a Miss Congeniality award. The title was changed to "Person of the Year" in 1999.

Closer to the present, this year's award goes to ... THE PROTESTER. In particular, not only those who took to the streets for regime change in the Arab world, but participants in the "Occupy" movement here in the States. As this video shows, those who camped out in city parks and cost local governments millions in additional police oversight and clean-up efforts, all took the news reasonably well. (CONTENT WARNING: A few select expletives.)

To those who actually accomplished something, better luck next year.

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