Saturday, December 17, 2011

Who Da Man? YOU Da Man!

William Bennett, the author, talk show host, and former Secretary of Education, recently wrote another book, and at a time when the human race could use it, if only roughly half of them. It's entitled The Book of Man: Readings on the Path to Manhood. Here he is on CBS explaining it to two pseudo-journalists, one of whom could use a copy, or he wouldn't have opened himself up for getting dissed by that dame sitting next to him.

After nearly half a century, the so-called "liberation" of women has left the male of the species in a state of confusion. Women want the same opportunities as men. They want to be able to grab men by the arm and slap them around in a bar during an argument, but upon attempting to respond in kind, maintain the right to go all "girlie" on them. (Ask me about it later.) They also expect the man to pick up the check after dinner after ordering the most expensive thing on the menu and before blowing them off later. They still expect to hide behind a man when walking with him down a dark street at night, and they still want preferential seating in the lifeboats when the ship is going down. Yes, ladies, this confuses the gentlemen. It also makes total weenies out of them, no matter how much time they spend at the gym.

And here you are, expecting him to hang the Christmas lights out on the gutters by sundown. Geez!

Bennett has something to bring to the table on this subject. He, along with my Very Close And Personal Friend Pat Buchanan, is a graduate of Gonzaga College High School, the prestigious all-male college preparatory institution, operated by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) since 1821, occupying the corner of North Capitol and "Eye" Streets in Washington DC since 1871, and boasting a long list of distinguished alumnae. Running boys' high schools as a means of forming the male character is one of the few things those cake-eating "Jebbies" still haven't managed to totally screw up (the operative word being totally.)

Notice in the video, not only what Bennett has to say, but how he says it. He doesn't have a problem making his point, even in the face of two fast-talking twerps challenging him -- gently, mind you, as even they know they're in the presence of greatness. To be a man is more than simply machismo; it also means being well-read, as the evidence thereof for Bennett just rolls off the tongue. He's heard the straw-man arguments, and he puts them in place with ease. Those two kids barely notice they're being totally schooled by the master.

Ladies, if you have a man in your life who would lay down his life for you, there is still time to get him this book for Christmas, if only to let him know how grateful you are that he's more than some pantywaist who can't tie his own tie without help. And just in case he does need help with it, he can go here:

The Art of Manliness

... is a website that is a treasure trove of what magazines like Esquire used to be, before the corporate pansies took over, telling men they had to spend over a hundred dollars for a decent Oxford dress shirt. This is also a great point of reference for last minute gifts for the man in your life. But most of all, it's a place where a man can learn everything there is to know about being a man, from how to carve a turkey (something I wish I'd known ten years ago, yeah, another long story) to how to make a citizen's arrest.

It's time to take back the world, fellas. Now put down that latest release of Super Mario Goes To Disneyland and get to work!

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