Thursday, July 10, 2014

Loose Lips in the Loggia (Seven Holy Brothers Edition)

The Bishop of Mosul in Iraq has announced that his diocese no longer exists, as for the first time in twelve hundred years, the Holy Mass was not celebrated there, with Muslim forces overrunning the country, and the massive persecution of Christians. But hey, we've got bigger things to worry about, like which pope's native country is going to win the World Cup. #priorities

Meanwhile, here's what's bouncing around the bandwidth of believers lately:

Today the Western church remembers the seven sons of Saint Felicitas, who watched them receive the crown of martyrdom before her very eyes circa 150 or 165. One of the brothers, San Marziale (Saint Martialis/Saint Marshall) is remembered with a festival typically held on July 10th or near that date in Philadelphia. [SQPN]

“All are welcome, all are welcome, all are welcome in this place. Let us build a house where love is found in water, wine, and wheat …” Hey, could we sing something even more trite, and who let Michael Voris in here? [Standing On My Head]

Speaking of which, will somebody tell a certain Catholic in Brooklyn that, if your parish is going to name something with the word “Pride” in it, as a pretext to speaking the truth about Church teaching (as opposed to ignoring it so everybody thinks you're swell), something is bound to get lost in the translation? [Catholic in Brooklyn]

Some priest in the UK who (apparently) only goes by the name of “Ches” wonders with Father Ray Blake where all the Catholic bloggers have gone. Maybe getting into stupid arguments on Facebook. [The Sensible Bond]

Finally, has anyone thought about who HE might want to win the World Cup? Just sayin'... [sportsgrid]

Well, that's our story and we're stickin' to it. Remember to attend Holy Mass this Sunday. Until the next weekly chattel of church chat, stay tuned, and stay in touch.

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