Monday, March 28, 2005

And speaking of spring cleaning...

Some of you may have noticed the comments left by an anonymous person identified only as "Source" on my post of the 25th. I have long realized the limitations of this particular template design which I originally chose for MWBH nearly three years ago (non-user-friendly comments box, restrictive links section, unworkable archive function), as well as the (lack of) technical support from If all goes according to schedule, the third anniversary of MWBH on June 21 2005 will be greeted by a completely new format, and possibly a new provider, if upgrading to Blogger Pro doesn't ensure an improvement.

In addition, I will be able to effectively erase the kind of comments that do not lend themselves to intelligent discourse, but are too sick and depraved even for what little time it takes to easily refute them. (No, this is not a democracy. I am omnipotent in this little corner of the blogosphere.)

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