Monday, March 28, 2005

The Morning After

The weekend was spent much as it was last year; the final rush of preparations, the hours into the night at Liturgy singing praises of the Risen Christ, the blessing of Easter Foods. Then the next morning, Sal and I went into town to pass out the goods to the children who look forward to seeing me every year. Afterwards we went to the All Saints Convent near Baltimore, which is home to an order of Anglican nuns that I've known for many years. Finally, we went to the restaurant where my son works, only to learn that, with the light crowds expected, he got the day off. We stayed and ate anyway.

The rain keeps pouring down, as if the world continues in sorrow. I keep thinking about Florida, and Terri. It's all over the news. What doesn't get told is that, in our system of government, the executive branch can ignore the judicial when the prospect of a breach of established law exists. It begs the question: why do we need a bunch of pundits on TV with law degrees, when the law has little to do with what's going on?

I keep wishing for spring, and new life. But first, there is the rain...

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