Friday, June 02, 2006

Memo to Rocco Palmo

If the worst thing they ever did was "take a drink of water these days," the American Jesuits wouldn't have "the ire of the local Sanhedrin" to worry about. Since we don't expect to hear jackboots tramping on the Georgetown campus any time soon, they barely have that concern at present.


Ron Rolling said...

Ah, you have your problems with him as well?

I just can't bring myself to put him on my 'blogroll. Sometimes I like what he writes; many times, not. After over a year of giving him some slack, encouraging him to follow the dream for his life because I think he has talent in this area, I am still puzzled by him.

Reading his 'blog is more a way for me to stay open to other ways of seeing things. Grains of salt taken.

David L Alexander said...

My "problems" with Mr Palmo are rare, and are limited to occasionally taking issue. My correspondence with him suggests that he is a decent enough fellow. His occasional jabs as "conservative/traditional Catholics" are a minor annoyance, and do not prevent me from looking to him as a reliable source of certain matters ecclesiastical.

Cum grano salus, of course.