Monday, January 29, 2007


Borg cube ship over Earth (fair use; copyright held by Paramount Pictures) (taken from Memory Alpha, where it was uploaded by DarkHorizon)

It's really true what they say; resistance is futile.

I attempted to put off the switch to the "new and improved" Blogger service for as long as possible. Then one fine day, while logging in, they had a surprise for me, in the form of being backed into a corner. Many of my colleagues at St Blog's know exactly what I'm talking about.

Currently, my template has been customized somewhat, although it could stand a bit more to distinguish it enough from several others of you out there. (Nothing personal.) But I've done all the "tweaking" I can do, short of changing the color scheme, before I consider a different template. Or a different provider. Kathy Shaidle of relapsed catholic, the real Godmother of Catholic weblogging (regardless of what you read to the contrary, in every print article on the subject) finally got tired of them, and switched to a different server.

I'm currently in conversation with a new provider, one specifically aimed at the "St Blog's" market. If I can keep the features I have already (the usual suspects, my front pages, back pages, and other cleverly named stuff), plus be able to customize a template with that handsome face on the right that you've all come to know and love, PLUS be able to take my archives with me in one fell swoop -- well, you might see a whole new ball game, when the fifth anniversary of mwbh comes around in June of this year.

Now, if I can only get a handle on JavaScript...

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