Thursday, January 04, 2007

Why This Man Should Shut The H*** Up


I used to enjoy watching the 700 Club for its insightful commentary on current events. Then the founder Pat Robertson started claiming a little too much insight on both current and future events. That's when he lost me. Now, he's predicting a terrorist attack sometime this year, which will result in a "mass killing." He elaborates: "I'm not necessarily saying it's going to be nuclear. The Lord didn't say nuclear. But I do believe it will be something like that."

When you stop to think about it, it could happen anywhere. And not necessarily in a town which has gradually become a virtual police state in the five years since 9-11, where even a Piper Cub couldn't get through the no-fly zone without getting blown out of existence. And the good Lord isn't obliged to warn us any more than he already has, let alone to... well, a Protestant.

If it did happen here in Washington, while I'm at my desk, I'd already be toast. If it happened and I was out of town, I'd probably stay there, since everyone I knew in town would be toast. I just hope my loved ones get away in time. Someone's gotta be left to pray for me, right? We understand as Catholics, that we can be called at anytime. For us, that moment would be "the end of the world as we know it." Will we feel fine? Whether we do or not, why should we listen to this clown, when we've got Our Lady of Fatima?

I mean, God talks to me all the time, but I'm not one to brag.


Anonymous said...

The biggest blasts will usually leave lots of survivors. Plan for surviving, rather than becoming a toasted marshmallow.
The so-called "suitcase nukes" or backpack nuclear bombs of the Soviet Union are supposedly in the hands of alQueda. Those are relatively small as nukes go. Nothing quite fits the description of a "no worry nuke" but it is nothing like the big beasts that were going to be fitted onto ICBMs.
If you work daily in downtown D.C., you do have cause to worry--especially if you are a good worrrier. But more likely you need to be in the safer edge of downtown--I just couldn't tell you where that will be. I think your quoted prophet is right in the plans of these folks to cause a really big boom. I would sort of bet on either the Capitol or the White House. Both of those are very symbolic. If you are a few miles away from either, you will probably need good walking shoes to get home.

from Bethesda -- We are planning, too. Worried a lot about drinking water, toilets and heat--though this has been a pretty mild "winter."

David L Alexander said...

Between the two, the smart money is on the Capitol. Why take out a little house where the Boss usually isn't home, when you can shut down an entire branch of government where plenty of folks are home, all for the same amount of trouble? As to the Boss of THIS house, I wrote the following in September 2005: Be Prepared

I still think the guy should shut the hell up.

Anonymous said...

True, Pat Robertson often causes more ruckus than inspiration. Maybe that was part of his appeal many years ago?
Pat wanted to be President of the US, too. Most likely you have the same chance of getting Pat Robertson to "shut the hell up" as you have of getting Cyndi Sheehan, Nancy Pelosi and Jimmy Carter to do the same.