Monday, January 22, 2007

Choice 2007

Later this year, the annual National Catholic Prayer Breakfast is expected to meet in Washington. For the last two years, they have their usual "surprise guest," namely President Bush. Well, here's a little reality check that might be worth their attention, in the event they decide once again to trip all over themselves to give "Dubya" the star treatment. That may not happen after all, though. This year's keynote speaker is the Most Reverend Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington, who has been quoted as saying he will not deny Communion to certain public officials who promote "abortion rights." (Oh, no, that sort of punishment is reserved for people who kneel for Communion. Duh...)

Meanwhile, later today, tens of thousands of well-behaved citizens from around the country will converge on Washington for the annual March for Life, in what has become -- whether anyone in the District government or the Washington Post cares to admit it or not -- the largest annual march in the Nation's capital.

Please join us in Washington for this year's 34th Annual March for Life.

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