Thursday, January 18, 2007


Recently a website was brought to my attention which asks the eternal question: "Where the hell is Matt?" If you want to understand its importance to the world today, consider the following:

Matt is "a 30-year-old deadbeat from Connecticut who used to think that all he ever wanted to do in life was make and play videogames. He achieved this goal pretty early and enjoyed it for a while, but eventually realized there might be other stuff he was missing out on. In February of 2003, he quit his job in Brisbane, Australia and used the money he'd saved to wander around the planet until it ran out... a travel buddy gave Matt the idea of dancing everywhere he went and recording it on his camera. This turned out to be a very good idea. Now Matt is quasi-famous as 'That guy who dances on the internet...'"

Looks to me as if he's on to something; indeed, that he could serve as an inspiration to all of us. Read all about Matt. Read his answers to the secrets of the universe. You'll see the "message" for yourself.

Which is why Matt gets this week's Tip of the Black Hat (see picture at right).

I don't do this for everybody, you know.

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