Thursday, October 04, 2007


The day before yesterday, I started fall quarter at the Art Institute. Our schedules being what they are, I never thought I'd run into Paul there, but he was leaving as I was arriving. He got a 3.7 last quarter. That should send a message to the Dean who told him after a couple of weeks that Paul couldn't cut it because he had to work this around a job. You go, boy!

Meanwhile, I've got what's called Introduction to Motion Scripting (Authoring). Most of you see animated interactive pages on the web. They are usually created with Flash: "This course examines scripting language for the development of interactive time based media projects. Students learn to apply scripting skills to create interactive experiences using motion media."

They wasted no time requiring an assignment turned in. It required a very simple animation sequence with a minimum of three button-activated frames. I gave it four, since there are four seasons, and I really didn't have a choice...

Now, if someone can tell me how to keep the appropriate button highlighted while its corresponding page is showing, that would be a welcome addition.

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corrine. said...

jonathan and i just awwwwwwed that.