Monday, October 08, 2007

Target Movie Clip

When most of us hear the term "movie clip," we think in terms of motion pictures or an animated cartoon. In applications like Flash, however, it can refer to any movement of an object from one location to the next. The following was due online tonight, although I had it done near midnight the evening before.

Well, sort of. There are still a few quirks, probably in the script itself. If you type on the menu items in top-to-bottom order, then "home" again, you'll miss them. If you don't...

In any type of code work on a web page or in related applications, a line of code can be very unforgiving when a single character is either missing or misplaced. Hopefully I can get the bugs out and move on. I'm hoping to revise it later this week anyway. Like make the images blow up to the edges of the screen. That would have more impact. To say nothing of increasing the file size. Oy vey...

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