Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dynamic Text with ActionScript

We've all seen little boxes on websites containing text that scrolls up and down. This is known as "dynamic text," and it is a very useful feature in Flash-based interactive media.

This assignment required the student to come up with text that was in the public domain. I chose the Roman Canon of the Mass, in Latin, since I was able to verify its being roughly fifteen hundred years old, it would be safe to consider it in the public domain. As this is posted, the design is set, using a frontispice from the Gelasian Sacramentary for a background, and an image of Pope St Gregory the Great, the sixth century pontiff who is credited with editing and codifying the Roman Canon as we generally know it today. The result resembles one of the ancient books -- sort of.

All I need now is to finish the script, and I've got two or three different sources telling me as many ways how to do it. (Grrr...) Stay tuned.

[UPDATE: The project will continue being developed into the weekend, but if scrolling text does not appear to function in this embed, in which case, click here.]

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