Friday, March 25, 2011

FAMW: 24 Hours in the Life of Paul

The following are "tweets" sent out by my son Paul Alexander (shown here at his apartment in Atlanta with his pet chihuahua) in the last 24 hours. They offer a glimpse into that twisted universe that is uniquely his own (without a glimpse into the names or IDs of the other parties involved, to protect the innocent), and illustrate all the more why that little punk-@$$ kid still cracks me up, and why I love him.

Thursday 9:42pm
@xxxxx take it from someone who moved 10 hrs away: hauling that stuff to Seattle will be the most miserable experience of your life.

Thursday 9:43pm
@_XX nooo! You promised me the moon, Xxxxxxxx! THE MOON!

Friday 2:11pm
Congrats @XxxxXxxxxxxxxxx, can't wait to get some ramen when I'm back in DC. And thanks for the barber chair Xxxx, I've still got it.

(Oh yeah, he has this big old barber chair sitting in his apartment. Eventually he will have it restored, and his fiancee still won't comprehend. Her loss ...)

Friday 2:29pm
Internet in my apartment! Netflix! Multiplayer Halo! I've finally joined the first world.

Friday 4:07pm
Who doesn't respond to Craigslist inquiries two days later? Hellooo dude, I want to buy your $#!t. Stop making this so hard.

Friday 4:09pm
I didn't say, "hey I have some questions about your $#!t," I definitely said "HEY you know that $#!t youre selling? I'LL BUY IT. GET AT ME."

Friday 4:11pm
Are you having second thoughts about parting ways with your Chrome cycling hip pouch? Maybe you should take that ad down, bud.

Like I said, that little punk-@$$ kid still cracks me up. So it goes for this week's Friday Afternoon Moment of Whimsy.


Gail F said...

Barber chair??? COOL.

matthew archbold said...

funny stuff.