Thursday, March 31, 2011

Like Father, Like Son?

(More random thoughts of varying degrees of import on a Thursday evening.)

Paul is coming to DC this weekend to tend bar at his old stomping ground, Wonderland (or is it The Looking Glass Lounge? He used to work them both). If you're in DC and are looking for where the party is on Saturday and/or Sunday night, click on either name and you'll find it. He and I may or may not connect, as his schedule is pretty tight. One round trip ticket here for a weekend, and the trip more than pays for itself, since he can make more in DC than an entire week down in Atlanta. (Are we surprised that Washington is where the big money is?) That's how he spends his breaks from school.

There are rare moments between a father and a son, where the latter is positioned to provide timely wisdom for the former. Once he had a falling out with someone, and this guy he couldn't particularly stand told him: “Does this person have anything you value, anything to which you aspire?” Paul had to say no. “F@#$ him, then, you don’t need him.“ Rather pithy advice, but lately I needed to be reminded of that.

“Kids say the darndest things,” even once they are grown. Here's something he posted on his Tumblr page:

“Here’s some crazy $#@t: I just read that some of the bloodiest skirmishes in the Civil War’s Battle of Atlanta were fought right outside my new apartment.”

Wait til I tell him about Sherman's March!

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ohyeah? said...

Are you sure they weren't squirmishes?