Tuesday, March 29, 2011

From the state that brought you Joe Biden ...

... comes this episode of last Friday, from a state government with enough time on their hands to mess with the heads of their residents. Delaware Department of Transportation crews escorted by state police are seen tearing down a basketball hoop, as they did all over two neighborhoods in Claymont, amid protests from residents who say the nets aren't harming anyone. You can hear at one point where the woman representating for the state police deliberately misleads the couple, into thinking they can keep their property. Later they learn, oh, yeah, you can still keep it, but you have to come get it first.

That does it, people. From now on, I'm always taking the detour around the toll booth on I-95/I-295 whenever I go through Delaware. That'll show 'em!

The rest of the story is here. (Camera: Daniel Sato. Editor: Daniel Sato. Photos: Robert Craig. Shown here without permission or shame.)

UPDATE 1: We have learned that state police is launching an internal investigation into the incident. There is also the prospect that state law concerning right-of-way was indeed violated -- to be exact, Title 17, Section 525 of the Delaware State Code. More details, and continually-updated stunning commentary and witty repartee, can be found here.

UPDATE 2: This doesn't change anything. I'm still taking that detour.


reepotomac said...

Show your outrage here. If you aren't willing to even do THIS, you might as well go serve milk and cookies to those workers and the rest of them.

David L Alexander said...

I read your page. About that part where you say ...

"... and I want all other government employees to hear it and recognize that they are NOT just ordinary Americans trying to earn a living, they are on the wrong side ..."

... you should know that I'm a Federal employee. I don't take an oath to the government, but to the Constitution of the United States. My loyalty is not to a party or a policy, but to the public interest. I pay taxes just like you do. Remember that next time you send a comment here, you dumbass redneck cracker!