Saturday, March 12, 2011

Scouting’s Good Turn in ... Libya!

Amidst the chaos of civil war, much of the public services provided by the Libyan government are gone, especially in areas being taken over by the rebels. In the town of Benghazi, one group has stepped in to fill the gap. So goes this Voice of America news report:

The Boy Scouts of Libya, around 3,500 in the town of Benghazi, are organized, and able. They find themselves called upon to take on tasks that many would expect of the state - or at least more professional, trained volunteers ... whether it is working in the bloody mayhem of a hospital or directing traffic because no one trusts anyone in a government uniform, in many cases it is now scouts who are sorting out the international medical aid that has flooded in.

As an Eagle Scout and a Scout Commissioner, it is not only an inspiration for this writer to watch these young men in action, but also gratifying. The honor with which they serve reflects upon all of us in the Scouting movement. Those who wear the uniform, who take the oath, who follow the Scout Oath and Law, salute these fine young men. And the Tip of the Black Hat goes to the men and boys of the Boy Scouts of Libya.

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