Monday, July 11, 2005


We've been hearing a lot lately from a fellow identified only as "Jack." It made me wonder...

Anglo-American folklore is rich with legendary tales and assorted misadventures of "Jack," and was the object of storytellers on both sides of the Atlantic. Perhaps the most renowned narrator of "Jack Tales" has been Ray Hicks, an elderly man who still lives in the hills of North Carolina. Folk Legacy Records has recorded his finest works in "Ray Hicks Telling Four Traditional 'Jack Tales.'" A sample from "Jack and the Three Steers" is available by clicking here. (mp3 player required.)


At 7/11/2005 07:40:00 PM, Blogger Jack said...

My name (Jack) is featured as an arch-type by Appalachian role players? Well I'll be hog tied, dragged through a field of pheasant dung and chew on a honey-coated corn cob..I've been categorized! But seriously, folks (remember the old Joe Walsh album [not CD] by that same name?) I enjoy the posts (and commenting on 'em) on this blog.
The name Jack is my nick-name; it's John on my birth certificate & all legal documents. When I was born, my Dad convinced my Mom to name me after him. She agreed, but only on the condition I'd be known as Jack as "there are too many Johns in the family already." Whether that's true or not, I don't know. But, it's me monicker & I'm stuck with it.
So, I'll read the postings here, leave occasional comments and otherwise saunter down the highway of life, until the day when the good Lord calls me home. Not too morose, I hope...


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