Tuesday, July 12, 2005

And speaking of Jack...

I wish he'd been around when I wrote this.

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Mr. Nixter said...

Whew, Frank, whew.
I heard that justice is blind, and perhaps you were an unwitting victim of its attempt to protect our fragile society from dangers, be they domestic or foreign, real or imagined.
I could pontificate about turning the other cheek, doing unto others...etc., but somehow those words wouldn't right the wrong that was fostered upon you.
I, too, can remember a time when I was accused of a wrong that I had not committed. Long story short, I now wonder why I even fretted over the matter. But, there are moments, sometimes late at night while I'm in bed, when my mind re-hashes certain events, and a relevant, previously unthought-of fact bubbles to the surface and I can't wait until the morning to shout it to the world!
Damn! I can't wait 'til I get my wings.