Monday, July 11, 2005

"Vas you effer in Zinzinnati?"

Apparently, Amy Welborn was. She hit some of the high spots, and comments stirred up some memories of home. They can be found here. My own "anti-tourist view" of the Queen City of the West can be found here.


mrsdarwin said...

Loved your Cincinnati site! Nothing like Home Sweet Home.

David L Alexander said...


Mr. Nixter said...

Never been to Cincinnati, but spent a veritable plethora of summers up in Sandgate, VT. Spent some of 'em @ Matilda Kenney's Bed & Breakfast Inn, carved my name in a tree on top of the mountain on my parents' property, and over the course of several summers listened to umpteen sermons by one Fr. Buckley at St. Margaret Mary's Church in Cambridge, NY. If given the opportunity, in a future posting I'll let readers know about topics of his sermons and how he cleverly "put the heat" on flatlanders (i.e., anyone not a native Vermonter).