Monday, July 18, 2005

House of Cards

When it comes to explaining moral theology, "jCecil" goes to tremendous lengths to build upon a false premise, in order to justify his own opinions (and opinions is all they usually are). While in many ways a sincere fellow on his pilgrim-journey, someone needs to sit his @$$ down and explain a few things, before he confuses a lot of other people besides himself.

(Update: Father "Don Jim" Tucker appears to find value in the above, and the distinctions it renders. I suppose he read it more carefully than I did. Maybe he's right. But if I have to read through confusing passages to get to what there is of value (and the good Father points out just a few of them, and whatever he opins, they do get in the way of understanding the point), I'd just as soon wish some bloggers had editors. Barring that, and in this case, there remains confusion, which helps no one; I don't care what good things a guy has to say.)

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