Friday, July 22, 2005

Roberts Revisited

At TCRNews, Thomas Storck comments on the nomination of John Roberts to the US Supreme Court:
"I cannot get excited about Roberts' nomination. If he votes to reverse Roe, very good. If he doesn't, I won't be much surprised. And if he also votes to remove or weaken worker and consumer protections, it will simply prove again how politics in America seem always constructed in such a way that Catholics must abandon their principles to participate."
He could be on to something.

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RC said...

The Supreme Court, if it does its job properly, cannot weaken consumer or worker protections. The legislature establishes laws, and a properly functioning Court can only "weaken" them if they are really somehow defective already -- unconstitutional, unenforceably vague, conflicting with other laws, etc. -- and those defects are not the Court's fault.

Therefore let us look to the legislature, not to the judiciary, to defend social-justice values.