Tuesday, December 01, 2009

December Named National Awareness Month

[CAPTION: Despite organizers' best intentions, many passersby who aren't already off in space will confuse this poster with an ad for an upcoming movie.]

WASHINGTON—In an effort to combat what organizers are calling "our current epidemic of complete and utter obliviousness," the American Foundation for Paying Attention to Things has declared December "National Awareness Month."

"All across the country, millions of men and women are dangerously unaware," AFPAT spokesperson Karen Teeling said during a press conference Monday. "What's worse, the vast majority of those suffering from this debilitating state of mind don't even know it."

The above is excerpted from The Onion, and stolen from Mark Shea while he was off signing books somewhere. Go ahead, click on the image. You know you want to.

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