Monday, December 28, 2009

“Tonight, tonight, won’t be just any night ...”


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While we're on the subject of me today, at about seven o'clock this morning, I turned fifty-five years old.

It has been the experience of most people, that if they hang around long enough, they do get old, even die, or something. So we're gonna have a party, and you're invited. Tonight at 7:30 pm, devoted fans of man with black hat with absolutely nothing better to do are meeting yours truly at the Silver Diner near the Clarendon Metro Station (3200 Wilson Blvd) in Arlington, Virginia.

* Hear waiters singing birthday greetings while lighting a cupcake!

* Listen to father and son engage each other in witty repartee!

* Watch in horror as other customers wish they could be me!

* And so much more!!!


Rick said...

Happy Birthday Alexander.

Anonymous said...

You finally made it-you old bastard. We are both double-nickeling it now, bro!
Bring on the senior discounts (at some places) hey ask at the Silver!!

Now that you are 55 how bout checking out those 55+ communities where 55 yrs old like me and you reign!

Check your email, sonny boy!

Love to love ya baby...

You know who!

Patricia Drybala said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry we can't be there for the party ... your kid sis