Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Signs of the End Times: An Update

By now, a few people who have seen the movie 2012 are convinced that the Mayan calendar gives us about two years before it all hits the fan. Not even the descendants of the Mayans are buying it. But wait until the Medjugorje machine gets a hold of this one. Every few years, the lunatic fringe of the Marian movement needs an excuse to whip everybody into a frenzy so they can sell more transcriptions of hallucinations posing as spiritual reading. They used the Hale-Bopp Comet in 1997. Then there was the Y2K scare, oh yeah, they didn't pass that one up either. Then 9-11, of course. We're overdue for another fit of hysteria, kids, and it's called global warming.

Still, we have to give it up for Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe, for using his YouTube channel to include this unflattering assessment of his assessment while assessing the situation. Or something.

In other news, we all know about those guys who can't leave their cellphones off for a minute. That includes this loser, who decided he had to update his relationship status on Facebook the moment the deed was done. Imagine the happy memories the blushing bride will have for years to come, knowing well in advance the level of breeding stock she's stuck with.

Sorry, girls, this one's taken!

But alas, there is a ray of hope. After being pre-empted by the President's speech the other night, ABC has announced that it is rescheduling “A Charlie Brown Christmas” (shown every December since 1965, and one of the few "holiday specials" left that's actually about THE holiday) for this coming Tuesday night, the 8th of December -- the feast of the Immaculate Conception.

And you thought I didn't believe in signs and wonders. Hey ya!

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