Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Man of Steele Returns

Let's face it; RNC Chairman Michael Steele has been shooting himself in the foot since he got the job. Adherents of the "Grand Old Party" spend half their time and energy looking for direction, the other half avoiding his.

Meanwhile, the conservative base has Sarah Palin barnstorming on the book-signing tomato-dodging circuit. That should keep them energized for a while, but not forever. Either she makes a move as bold as resigning from the governorship, or she tanks by 2012.

Our money is on the first choice.

In a related story, MSNBC, never at a loss for finding a role other than reporting the news, gives Steele the opportunity to find his testicular fortitude. Unfortunately, he kinda blows it.

But it does leave us wondering about the patronizing attitudes that underscore alleged attempts at an "honest conversation about race." If anybody who talked like that were really honest with themselves, they'd know that honesty is a virtue, not a stick with which to beat a fellow-talking-head over ... well, the head.

Just thinking out loud here.

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