Friday, January 15, 2010


This segment would normally be devoted to our usual Moment of Whimsy, but I'm just not in the mood -- not only because of the news from Haiti, although that is very sad.

Last week I got news from home, that Mom fell while taking care of Dad, and injured her shoulder. The pain medication made her incoherent at times. Just when we thought things were complicated enough, we learned she had kidney failure. It appears to be in the early stages, and it's not the first time, but it does complicate things. The prospect of elevating their care is on the horizon. I have two younger sisters in the area. The older one is a geriatric nurse, and she's taking a leave of absence to care for them. The younger one is over there several times a week. My brother handles their affairs, and any maintenance on the property. The only thing I can offer (besides knowing when to stay out of the way), is an opinion on the prospect of live-in care. I've got my people working on it right now.

In the interim, while seeking consolation, I found this clip. The Choirboys are a boyband from the UK, formed in 2005, made up of ... well, choirboys from a cathedral. As their voices inevitably change, there's been a bit of turnover in the last five years. But not before appearing on GMTV to sing “Tears in Heaven” written by Eric Clapton when he lost his son in a tragic accident.

Of course, your prayers would be appreciated. Mine would go something like this:

“Dearest Mother, before you could become the Consoler of the Afflicted, you first had to know true sorrow. I pause with you now, and meditate on that great suffering in your life, the death and burial of your most beloved Son ...”

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