Friday, January 22, 2010

FAMW: “I'm Scott Brown, and I drive a truck.”

Yes, you've seen this man's political victory touted as (sort of) a good thing in this venue -- if for no other reason, than that no one should treat an elected office as though the constituency owes it to them or their progeny, as if it were a title of nobility. Or something. That said, here's what I wrote at the Faith & Family blog:

Scott Brown’s victory is that of the kind of conservative, that only a state like Massachusetts could produce. Yes, he upset the Kennedy apple cart, and that’s a good thing. But what the Bay State now has, is just another country-club pro-choice Republican in the Rockefeller-Romney tradition. Sure, he drives a truck. Big deal. When I was twelve, I drove a tractor. Let’s not get too excited about this, okay? He’ll only break your heart in the end. Remember Arlen Specter? Uh-huh. Just sayin'.

A rather dark-humored selection for this week's Friday Afternoon Moment of Whimsy.


Nod said...

>> Remember Arlen Specter?
Exactly what I said.

A. L. Jagoe said...

You are right in that the Beatitudes are the key.

Armiger Jagoe, Editor of The Joyful Catholic