Monday, January 11, 2010

“I read the news today, oh boy ...”

The following has been gleaned from the wires of the Associated Press, unless otherwise noted:

Ed Morrissey of Hot Air wants to know: “Do you think Harry Reid was watching SNL last night? Obviously the writers concocted this sketch before anyone knew about Reid’s remarks in the Halperin/Heileman book being released tomorrow, but they couldn’t have timed this any better if they had tried. I imagine that Lorne Michael’s staff was doing some high-fives when the news broke yesterday, knowing this was running after the football game.”

A couple in Spokane, Washington, discovered a unique way to finance their wedding, by collecting aluminum cans. They already have over 18,000 in their living room, which is five percent of their goal of 400,000. When recycled, the estimated five tons of aluminum would rate about $3,800, which will go a long way if they have a pot-luck dinner for the reception. In any case, a target date of July 31 is planned. Read all about it at Only on the west coast, people!

A civil court in St Gallen, Switzerland, fined a driver caught speeding (85 mph in a 50 mph zone) based on his estimated wealth of over $20 million, which brought the total damage to a record $290,000 -- more than twice the previous record of $107,000. As the Swiss aren't universally known for their sense of humor, the judge is probably not kidding.

And speaking of judges who are not amused, actor and perennial bad boy Charlie Sheen is scheduled to appear in an Aspen, Colorado court next month, on charges that he threatened his wife with a knife. He requested to be able to participate over the phone. The request was denied. (Duh!) Attorneys for both parties say they wish to reconcile.

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