Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In Defense of High-End Cable

The only reporting on the State of the Union address, which I have ever watched in the last twenty years, has been on Comedy Central. I went book shopping tonight, a much better use of my time. (Found a nice book too. I'll tell you later.) Had I watched it, I would have heard the President (you know, the guy who didn't want limits on political contributions to him, but is calling for limits to others) rip the Supreme Court for having the audacity to rule, that freedom of speech applies to people who make their own money for a living, as well as people who spend someone else's.

Watch the guy in the robe on the left about halfway into the clip. That's Justice Samuel Alito shaking his head and quietly saying “not true” in the midst of a standing ovation. I could be wrong, but isn't dissing the High Court some kind of break in protocol, as State of the Union addresses go? Can't say for sure, but Father Z reports via Twitter that “Justices by custom don't applaud.”

Oh well. Time now for some serious news coverage. The Colbert Report is on. “Why should my broker, Morgan Stanley, have fewer rights than my barber, Stanley Morgan?”


[POSTSCRIPT: Linda Greenhouse of the NYT provides a legal analysis. Subscription required.]

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