Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The launch is happening. Right now. Check with for the live blogfeed.

Steve Jobs had this to say, among other things: "The problem is Netbooks aren't better at anything." That got a round of cheers. Well, uh, no, they're not supposed to be better, Einstein, they're supposed to be smaller and cheaper. If I want better, I'll shell out three or four times as much.



Apple coughs up its own announcement, and reports that the iPad won't use Adobe Flash. The reaction in Twitland runs the proverbial gamut.

b@#$%&t: HTML 5 replaces much of Flash does and Apple is driving sites to switch ... You've been able to play YouTube videos on the iPhone (which has never had Flash) for the past 2.5 years ... HTML 5 plays video without needing Flash. Flash is just a wrapper that requires a browser plugin. HTML 5 does away with the plugin.

johnhalton: So, it's not the future of the computer. It's a big iPhone ... iPad has same RAM, lower CPU speed, fewer (i.e. zero) USB ports, less storage than my netbook. No camera. Crap name ... They'd sell tons if they put a sticker on the front that said in nice, friendly letters "Don't Panic".

fender_splendor: it should be pretty funny to hear people with boston accents say "ipad" and hear someone reply, "i'm sorry, what? ipod?" over and over again.

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Derek said...

Hey David- great site. I was just taking in a few of the Scott Brown articles you had. I'm from MA- 3 towns from Wrentham, actually- so the news coverage has been 24-7 about it. Anyway, great blog- some very interesting reading.