Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More of the More-Or-Less Best of 2009

We've had a noticeable increase in readership here at man with black hat. As a result, there has been a lot of demand for more of selected writings of the past year.

Or maybe it was the voices in my head, I don't remember.

But what the hey! It's time to give out a shout to readers of Tiny House Living, who were brought to our pages by its author, Michael Janzen. Earlier this month, we wrote a preview of what to expect in the coming year. And just as was the case then, it was difficult to choose which ones So while you stick around for the future, let's have some more blasts from the past with yet another “Top Twelve” list to follow the last one.

My Ann Coulter Moment - Wed Jan 7

I remember back in the day at a CYO dance, when a local garage band called "Roach" played this one. John Walsh was the singer/guitarist, and the Otten brothers backed him up. Those guys sure were a lot of fun. Then after getting into drugs and stuff and being obnoxious, they all found Jesus and became even more obnoxious. Last I heard ...

The Importance of Being Ardent - Wed Feb 18

They got the same great seats in the Cathedral when the new Bishop was installed, while the average parishioner waited for some doofus in the chancery, to dole out remaining tickets ... many of the senators and congressmen in (very prominent) attendance were then, and remain today, avid supporters of "a woman's right to choose."

Judica me, Deus ... - Sun Mar 29

[T]he mainstream press, and a few empty suits disguised as Catholics, will say that Church leaders are attempting to "politicize" the reception of Communion. If this were true, then the rest of us could engage in all manner of debauchery and still be in a state of grace, so long as we weren't famous enough to be called on it. As we all know, this isn't true. So you see ...

Here Comes The Sun: My Wannabe Jewish Moment - Mon Apr 13

One thing you can say about Jews that you cannot say about Catholics, is that they understand how dance can be a form of religious ritual, as opposed to watching a bunch of skinny girls in tights. Most Christians, including Catholics, who promote "liturgical dance" simply don't get it.

Village People - Wed May 20

Catholics are being warned by a few good priests, of a coming persecution ... There is a need for faithful Catholics to avoid a fortress mentality ... It pertains not only to the role of the laity in bearing witness to the Gospel to others, but in a special way, amongst themselves ... It is not enough to love our neighbor ...

The Once and Future Century - Mon Jun 1

I have been writing a novel about the future. The preliminary research and extensive note-taking began over a year ago. The story itself started being written about two months ago. Recently, I have come across two sources ... Neither example, from what I can tell, goes into any great length on trust in Divine Providence. This puts them at a significant disadvantage.

Ohio - Sun Jul 19

Sal got to visit her very first American county fair. She wasn't much for the cattle or hog barns, but she loved the poultry exhibits. Poultry husbandry in the city limits has long been common in the Philippines, and this city girl's parents raised chickens and quails when she was young. Her brother also raised prize roosters -- mostly for, er, uh, competitive use ...

Matthew’s Lament - Tue Aug 18

Take a guy who writes something really great, something every Catholic with a pulse should read at some point their lifetime ... Whose comment box gets filled? Not the guy who wrote the piece, but the internet gadfly who linked to it ...

Can I Put You On Hold ... Forever? - Thu Sep 24

I can remember in the 1960s, when our phone was on a party line. If it was for us, we got a ring. But the person who had our line could get on and complain that we were tying up the phone. I remember this happening as late as 1970. "You kids shouldn't be on for more than fifteen minutes, you hear me?" Yes, ma'am.

Bless me, Father ... if it’s not too much to ask. - Sat Oct 24

Well, the pastor shows up with his dog, and ... he gets started with the Mass without fanfare, but with his dog for an acolyte. At first I was shocked by the animal being there, until it became clear that the dog behaved better than most of the people ... I left that evening, convinced that I was being unfair to the dog.

“Wherever we were going, well, we’re here.” - Mon Nov 9

We've heard a great deal about hope in the past year, haven't we? Most of us really don't know the meaning of the word. We think of "hope" in terms of wanting something that someone else has ... [however] hope is the bridge that ties faith and charity together, and binds them as one.

The Holiday That Dare Not Speak Its Name - Tue Dec 1

AIDS probably deserves its own holiday because of its unique role in society. It is the only public health issue in which the professional community does not warn against indulging its cause. After all, that would be a hate crime. This is probably not what some people mean by "silence equals death." One thing leads to another, though, and so ...

And with that, dear reader, we return to the here and now. For more rummaging through the mwbh closet, check the sidebar section entitled “My Back Pages” on the right.

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