Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nuptiae factae sunt in Cana Galiliaeae ...

“At that time there was a wedding at Cana in Galilee. The mother of Jesus was there, and Jesus himself and his disciples had also been invited ...” (John 2: 1-2)

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The marriage at Cana is a showing of the joy that Christ brought into the world. Here, at his Mother's request, our Lord worked his first public miracle. It is a delight to think that this first miracle was in no way connected with unhappiness. It was not healing sickness, forgiving sins, or raising the dead; it was simply giving joy, more joy, to people who were already rejoicing ...

The joy of God is a wine that changes the drab, cold colorless substance of human nature into the rich crimson, warm vitality of supernatural life. It changes discouragement to hope, doubt to faith, it lights up the mind and in its light men see that the problems of the world today, which seemed insurmountable, are straws in the power of God, and in his name even a creature as little and weak as man can overcome them.

How can such a change of heart happen? Only by a miracle, it is true, and who can work such a miracle but Christ? When a man comes to this world with Christ in his heart, he too can work this miracle in Christ's name ...

-- Caryll Houselander (1901-1954)

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