Friday, January 29, 2010

“We are the champions, my friend.”

As this writer descended from farmers in southern and western Ohio, it is only reasonable that, sooner or later, he'd be out standing in his field. Right?

On that note, we here at mwbh would like to welcome visitors from MASTER BLOGS: A Guide to Outstanding Blogs, as it has been discovered that this weblog was among the new entries (most recently updated last July, whatever) in the “People Blogs” subcategory of the “Society Blogs” category. (Did everybody follow that?)

They mention something on the main page about giving out letter grades. There hasn't been one disclosed for us just yet. Other than that, here's the lowdown, the straight skinny:

MASTER BLOGS checks out blogs (found through various sources) and rates them with letter grades of A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D & F. Only blogs with a grade of A- or higher (less than 7% of all blogs checked) make the cut and are considered as "outstanding" blogs.

Two-thirds of the score is based on the content (should be juicy). Also, an outstanding blog must be active or updated regularly, but does not have to be done daily (or even, weekly). Bloggers are entitled to vacations, holidays, sick days and take off occasionally. Also, it is better to have no entry rather than a lousy entry.

One-third of the score is based on the web design. The layout should be appealing. The colors should be eye-catching, but not make the text difficult to read. There can be lots of arrows and links, but the navigation got to be sensible and easy to use.

Everybody get that? Juicy content! Eye-Catching Design! That's the ticket!!! We don't plaster cheap-@$$ pictures of every holy card found in the prayer book we got on First Communion day. And we don't rack up thousands of hits with endless pictures of liturgical eye-candy and clever witticisms. But hey, you won't find Mark Shea on the list, or Creative Minority Report, or that American Papist guy, nosiree. For one shining moment, we are the MASTER!

Now then, let's go see what Father Z is having for dinner.

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