Friday, June 08, 2012

Geekness in Seattle

I haven't mentioned my son in awhile, have I? Well, now there's a reason.

Paul David Alexander is finishing his junior year with the undergraduate program for Interactive Design and Game Development, at the über-prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia. Shown here in action with his faithful sidekick, Lola the Wonder Dog, Paul has just announced his internship assignment for the summer with an equally über-prestigious design firm. (Okay, okay, I'm totally kvelling over this, alright? So sue me already.)

Camouflaj is a Seattle-based independent studio founded by Ryan Payton, formerly of 343 Industries, where he was creative director for Halo 4, and on the development team for Metal Gear Solid 4. Last September, Payton announced he was leaving the company to start his own firm. Their first major product release, République, unveiled this past spring, was designed specifically for mobile devices, more specifically the iOS platform. (It has since been adapted to both Windows and MacOS.) In this video dated May 10, Payton describes the inspiration for striking on his own, and the overall mission of his latest enterprise. We are also shown scenes from République, as a character named Hope enlists the viewer's aid in escaping her confinement.

Paul is scheduled to begin his internship at the end of this month. You go, boy!

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