Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Plug This: Big Pulpit

Several years ago, some guy from Texas by the name of Tito Edwards had an idea. The Catholic blogosphere needed a "one-stop shopping" place for linking not only to the usual suspects, but the best and the brightest voices of "Saint Blog's" on any given day. We just can't place the name of this initial effort at the moment. But it doesn't matter, because November 18, 2010, he gave it a new look, and a new name.

The Pulpit scours the Internet for only the best in commentary, analysis, and opinion on the Catholic Church and the world. We hope to serve our readers in offering only those articles that inform our readers on the current events of the day as well highlights of the long, triumphant, and glorious past of Holy Mother Church. These twice daily updates during weekdays will offer quality articles that informs Catholic and non-Catholics alike ...


Recently The Pulpit became Big Pulpit. It's not just any pulpit, mind you, but the BIG one, which is to say “the best punditry, analysis, and news in the Catholic blogosphere.” How big is that? Well, an edition of this listing is included at the National Catholic Register website. But wait, there's more! When something from MWBH gets posted there -- yeah, it can happen! -- our readership that day more than doubles! Sometimes the excess spills over into the next day, and the entire staff is scurrying around, wondering what it is that we did right.

But most important, with the phenomenal proliferation of blogs, thousands of them in the English-speaking world alone, all competing for attention, it is critical to have one place to go, where one is not only treated to "the usual suspects" (that is, the ones everybody already knows about ad nauseum), but learns about the best of both well-established AND fresh new voices.

Now that's what we call ... BIG. And you can too.

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