Friday, June 22, 2012

A Prayer by John Fisher (Fortnight: Day 02)

Good Lord, set in thy Church strong and nightly pillars that may suffer and endure great labors, which also shall not fear persecution, neither death, but always suffer with a good will, slanders, shame and all kinds of torments, for the glory and praise of thy holy Name.

By this manner, good Lord, the truth of thy Gospel shall be preached throughout the world.

Therefore, merciful Lord, exercise thy mercy, show it indeed upon thy Church.


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John Fisher was a Catholic bishop in early 16th century England. He was executed on the order of King Henry VIII, for refusing to accept the king as Supreme Head of the Church of England, and for defending the Church's doctrine of papal primacy. He is commemorated in the reformed Roman calendar on this day, along with Sir Thomas More, who received the crown of martyrdom on the same grounds shortly thereafter. (Interestingly, the Church of England commemorates John Fisher, in their case on the 6th of July. Fact is stranger than truth ...)

POSTSCRIPT: The next installment for the Fortnight may be later in the day than usual, as yours truly will be in Fredericksburg, Virginia, visiting the IHM Catholic Homeschooling Conference. Till then ...

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