Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Venus Passing

When I was a freshman in high school -- it must have been in early in 1970 -- the moon passed in front of the sun. To see this rare opportunity, I took a cardboard box big enough to put my head in. I cut a square out of one end, and covered the empty hole with aluminum foil. In the middle of the foil I punched a pinhole. At the other end, on the inside, I taped a piece of white paper. I put the box just over my head, and with my back turned towards the sun, pointed the foil end of the box in its direction, letting the light from the pinprick make an impression on the paper, one that duplicated the shape of a partially eclipsed sun.

Since I don't expect to be around in 105 years (or thereabouts), I had to contend with watching the planet Venus pass in front of the sun on CNN.

It was partially overcast around here anyway.

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