Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jewish Moments Revisited

Yesterday, a reader named "Naive" (don't ask me why) wrote: "You probably remember that Miriam danced after the parting of the Red Sea, and Catholics can too! Dance should not be an 'intermission' like when the marching band comes out before the second half. The one example I could cite here in the States would be the choir clapping or swaying while singing or playing. Catholic Mass in Africa is a better reference point."

Well, dear reader, as my slice of life of yesterday should demonstrate, there are those who attempt to live vicariously through ethnic or other traditions that are not their own. Some keep it in perspective, but if you've ever heard a lily-white-bread suburban parish singing old Negro spirituals, you know it can be a cry for help. Witness this demonstration by Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert, himself a devout Catholic, with a lively charismatic number based on an Israeli folk tune. This should get them rockin' the house in Steubenville.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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Anonymous said...

When I was organist at my parish, the choir directors chose a piece (for Easter Sunday Mass, yet) called "At His Name" which I can only describe as pseudo-soul. The choir was and is largely made up of suburban whites plus two or three Filipino ladies. Well, talk about a cry for help ... mostly an interior one, from the organist. They just didn't "get" the soul/jazz feel and the whole thing sounded painfully stilted and stiff. Yet, a member of the congregation (also white) found the song "very uplifting" ... chacun a son gout (I live in Quebec). A short time later, I left that position and go to a Mass which does not include the choir -- but I still have to endure the Folk Choir, which is a whole other story. I ask the Lord to turn off my "inner critic", so I can focus only on Him. Gotta say, though, that there are times I wish I had a tin ear. I could go on, but you get the picture.