Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Who’s Foolin’ Who?

If you want to know the origin of "April Fools Day," you should check The Old Farmer's Almanac. But everyone else is writing about it anyway, and I already have too, so let's make history in the Catholic blogosphere and try something original.

Somewhere I read that some atheists were complaining that they didn't have their own holiday, and they were making a court case out of it somewhere. I don't have the article handy, but it does make me wonder. First, maybe that's why they spent last Christmas ruining our holiday for us. Second, if they need a holiday, maybe they should all get together and make one up, instead of being a bunch of weenies and ruining ours. And third, maybe they already have one.

“The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God.’” (Psalm 13(14):1-3)

Well, there it is. Enjoy the day, you godless weenies.


zak89 said...

Nice post. Way over used joke, but one that is timeless. ;)

Call me Paul said...

So many things. Where to start?

1) I am skeptical of your claim that atheists were complaining (except perhaps in jest) that they don't have their own holiday. I am certainly unaware of any "court case" on the matter. Unless you can provide some corroborating evidence, I'm going to have to call BS on that claim.

2) Atheists ruined Christmas for you? Again, I'm skeptical. How could atheists possibly "ruin" a holiday for you; one that you celebrate with your own family, in your own home and church? Did some atheists kick in your door and steal your turkey dinner? Did an atheist activist stand up in your church and disrupt the service? Could I have some examples of how your Christmas was "ruined?"

3) Matthew 5:22. 'nuff said.