Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Next One Hundred: This Just In...

Comments at Hot Air:

Asher: Apparently [Dennis Miller] said we’re living in an odd time when Miss California gets tougher questions than the President.

Upstater85: Well, what should we expect when our Precedent is Miss Chicago?

Stickeehands: “Mr. President... Given the rapid increase in the size of the federal budget, the ballooning of the deficit, and your decision to reveal our interrogation playbook to the enemy, what is your favorite color?”


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Ddc said...

"NPR men, men that are softer, our metrosexual age..." Mr. Goldberg hits the nail on the proverbial head.

In the era of Jane Austen,(the greatest author of all times) men like this were referred to as "dandies" or as a "Merry Andrew". The "Merry Andrew" referred actually to a man who was a clown or buffoon.
Actually, wouldn't that be just as appropriate as a dandy or a metrosexual? It is such soft behavior that women consider as sissy, certainly clownish and almost always, buffoon-like. And, btw it is this behavior that makes women crave the "bad boy".

If men want to truly "enchant" women (which they should be doing)as opposed to being "enchanted" by things they have no business being enchanted with. (I know this is grammatically incorrect but so freakin' what--you know what mean!)

Anyhoo, the NY Times seems to attract men of this ilk in particular, but the rest of the mainstream media are placing a close second.

Merry Andrews beware!! While you off poofing around, the few real men left just might be "enchanting" your women. I'm just