Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Time Revisited

So, this reporter from CNN interviews a guy at a "Tea Party" protest in Chicago, okay? And when she starts giving him a hard time (as opposed to simply, you know, interviewing him), the crowd gets on her case to quit picking on the guy. So what is the YouTube clip called? "CNN Reporter Harassed at Chicago Tea Party." Oh, yeah, that's what happened.

[TOO GOOD TO LET SLIDE: From "CNN's Susan Roesgen went nuts on the air Wednesday at a Chicago tea party, blaming everything... on Fox News. But maybe she was angry because Fox turned her down for a job -- twice!"]

I was actually interviewed once on the sidewalk by one of those news networks. It was near Capitol Hill, I forget what about or when. They asked me my name and where I lived, and I told them. Then they asked me where I work. "An agency of the Federal government." They wanted to know which one. "It doesn't matter. You want my opinion, leave my employer out of it." They appeared to be satisfied with that answer. Maybe they used the footage, maybe not. I wouldn't have cared either way.

"But, dude," you respond, "you've got a blog. How come you do that if you have a problem with being famous?" First of all, dude, do I look like Mother Angelica to you? We're not talking about a lot of fame relative to Catholic media here. Also, I'm in control of the message. It gives me that nice, warm, fuzzy feeling. I think I'll keep it.

Meanwhile, Greg Gutfeld gives a blow-by-blow analysis of yesterday's nationwide Tea Dance. (Hey, if we're gonna call it "teabagging," I'm just sayin'...) This second clip deals with some mature themes, now that we've given tea bags a significance for which they were not intended. But shame on that CNN reporter for trying to be the story, rather than simply cover it. Jamie of has a similar issue with the coverage of DC Mayor Adrian "Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free-Card" Fenty: "If we lose real investigative reporting, then we might as well be living in a propoganda state because there will be no watchdogs. And Fenty's sure acting like there's no watchdog."

I'd like to point out to Jamie that we may be too late.

Finally, if you want to try to humiliate me on camera, call first and I'll put on my best suit and come down to the studio. But if you stick a camera in front of me on the street, you're doing it to a private citizen. If you don't like what I have to say, you know what you can stick somewhere else.


Ddc said...

Dave Alexander and Greg Gutfeld!! When do we get to see you two guys work the room together?
Best freakin' post Dave on the day after the Tea Parties. Rock on, dude.

Cooper and Shuster should NOT BE TALKIN' about "teabagging"... I don't know, I'm just sayin'--heard some crazy stuff about them two boys on the down low grapevine...LOL

David L Alexander said...

"Dave Alexander and Greg Gutfeld!! When do we get to see you two guys work the room together?"When he finally returns my calls. I dunno, though. He's got some high-priced help on board already. And let's not forget the ladies. Excellent choices, all of them.

David L Alexander said...

Ddc, contact me privately.