Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Still Walking On Air

Last Saturday night, Paul “Fender Splendor” Alexander was part of the halftime entertainment at the 2011 US Air Guitar DC Regional Championships.

Of course, we all remember back in 2009, when he rocked away with the big title in the Philadelphia Regionals, and placed sixth in the National Finals. While he never obtained the press coverage of other more experienced contenders who finished ahead of him, his up-and-coming performance earned their respect, and his theatrical prowess continues to be the stuff of song and legend.

This coming Saturday, after a 2010 hiatus, our young hero makes his triumphant return to the City of Brotherly Love, as one of the judges for this year's Philadelphia Regionals. Meanwhile, feast your eyes on last weekend's splendorific event. Paul enters the scene at 3:21. His two most memorable moments occur at 3:56, for the Big Knockout -- don't do this at home, kids, these guys are professionals -- and at 4:26, for the Water Spray of Vengeance.

You go, boy!

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