Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stupid Is As Stupid Does!

If Sarah Palin isn't too smart, what does that make Mika Brzezinski, who picked Abraham Lincoln as her favorite Founding Father? Wait until 1:04 into the clip. That's the same Abraham Lincoln who was nary a twinkle in his mother's eye when the Constitution was ratified.

But that's not what's really bugging me right now. I'm disappointed in Buchanan for picking Hamilton instead of Jefferson. I always understood that Hamilton favored a strong central government, while Jefferson leaned more toward the rights of states.

Am I mistaken? Can somebody shed light on this?

[UPDATE: We got the answer we were looking for, from that Cranky Conservative himself, Paul Zummo. He directed our attention to a piece he has done entitled “Jefferson and Rousseau – On Democracy”. He is also doing a series on The Federalist Papers. If you love reading history as much as we do here at mwbh, click here and/or here.]


Anonymous said...

Ok DLA, you are correct sir about Messrs Hamilton and Jefferson.But really, how much does MSLSD suck? Nevermind, you would have to censor my answer and I would need to get to Confession immediately :P

Unfortunately, our fav Latin Mass Catholic Pat B must be on Aricept for his newly diagnosed Alzheimers.

Pat allows his sister to runi it all for him, compounded with the Hamilton thing and holding up MSLSD by the bootstraps smell of a brain bailout.

Joe Scarborough and Pat need to get a clue and jump ship.The rest of these skeezy losers on this show that maybe 3 people watch (Mr and Mrs Nobama and Robert Gibbs)need to get a real job... Their only option:Cleaning windshields at Wisconsin and M cause Ny'ers would kick their collective asses. Enough already with this bullcrap channel...Jealousy is a green=eyed monster, MSLSD-ites & CNN jokers! (CNN desperately trying to imitate Fox...)

Yo, more people eat headcheese than MSLSD has viewers,,,Let it die, darlin'

Your number one fan,

Smartie Pants

Writing this as I watch Gutfeld on Redeye with Father Jonathan Morris as his featured guest, oh snap!FUNNY! Priest held his own and was equally as funny-really...

Paul Zummo said...

All of the Framers were comparatively states' rightist, at least compared to our current crop of politicians. It's true that Hamilton wanted a stronger central government, but you have to consider the context of the times. At the time of the constitutional convention we were living under the Articles of Confederation, which provided for a weak if practically functionless central government. The Framers did not think this government was sufficient, and so worked to strengthen the government. Hamilton was probably more theoretically predisposed to such a government than his fellows, and favored going further.

Nevertheless, Hamilton was not a proponent of "big government." He wanted the government to be efficient and powerful within the narrow scope of its jurisdiction, which for Hamilton meant national defense and the nation's commercial infrastructure.

Jefferson gets praised by many conservatives for his supposed devotion to limited government. While on the surface he seems like a model for modern conservatism, when you dig deeper you see a radical progressive who is the Godfather of the modern left. From his warm embrace of majoritarian democracy (as opposed to the representative republicanism of the Framers), to his disdain for tradition and constitutionalism, and his sneering contempt for organized religion and its role in society, there is very little that is admirable in Jefferson.

If you want more details, I'm beginning a series of posts that is basically a shorter version of some of my doctoral dissertation. Here is Jefferson on democracy, and how he echoes another non-conservative: Rousseau. I'm also doing a series of posts on the Federalist Papers, and I'm about 1/3 of the way through - just look at the right side of the page and under categories, click on Federalist Papers. You can compare and contrast and come to your own conclusions.

David L Alexander said...

Mr Zummo: I don't have an e-mail address, so I hope you get this anyway. Your work is the subject of an update. First, click here. Second, attend the Traditional Mass at St John's in McLean this Sunday, or any Sunday in the near future. Third, introduce yourself, and let me buy you a drink.

Paul Zummo said...

Thanks David. I appreciate it, and I hope you find what I've written useful. Hopefully I will increase my productivity and get around to finishing up both series of posts.

I've got in-laws in town this weekend, but I would love to make it out to St. John's one of these Sundays as I've heard such wonderful things about it.