Wednesday, September 08, 2010

“Drifting along with the tumbling tumblelogs ...”

All this "new media" buzz wouldn't be any fun without a steady supply of buzz words, ain't that right?

A “tumblelog” is a short-form weblog, noted specifically for its ease of use, especially for authoring when using, or in publishing for, mobile devices such as smartphones. Tumblr is a company started in 2007 by entrepreneur David Korp and lead developer Marco Arment. They had 75,000 users in short order, and are now at three million. In 2009, they acquired the rights to the iPhone app. In March, an app was made available for Blackberry. Their application is also optimized for following on social network platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. In other words, it can retain the appearance, readability, and full features that would appear on desktop and laptop stations. But, dude, it's on your phone! Sweeeeet!!!

As early as September 21, or no later than October 1, a mobile version of man with black hat will be introduced, utilizing Tumblr for the Android OS (which is Google's open-source platform, used on the Verizon Droid and other smartphones). With a variation on our title yet to be determined, our sojourn will be routed to that site whenever this author is on travel, or is otherwise on the road. We can't be sure how well this will work, but a more flexible way of disseminating our message, in light of technological developments in the last two years or three years, is worth a shot (UPDATE: ... unless someone can talk me out of it).

Until then, take it away, Sons of the Pioneers!

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