Thursday, September 09, 2010

Guitar Workshop: Beginning Rockabilly

Last week, we gave a more advanced lesson on rockabilly than we're giving here. We also featured the Fender Telecaster. But guitarists of this genre are also known to favor a semi-hollow body archtop electric, like the one played here by Jason Lee. This is an easy one to follow for an advanced beginner, although that segment where we featured the pentatonic scale wouldn't hurt. You can get enough to get started here, and there's more at But for now, with the hair of Don King, the mustache Of Colonel Sanders, and the style of Brian Setzer, what more could you want?

Answer: More Brian Setzer! Next week, for sure.

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Retro Kustom Honkytonk said...

Thanks for this! So hard to find good rockabilly-themed instruction online.