Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Beginning of the End. Or Something.

ahaha.gifThis week promises to be a rather hectic one, and if it's all the same to my adoring fans (and you both know who you are), I'd just as soon take some of the pressure off.

The Federal Government's fiscal year ends on September 30, and a new one begins on October 1. I'm leaving town on the morning of the 30th. So for three days, I have to try and finish up two assignments, for two different clients. Both of them know exactly what they want, until they want something else. This makes it hard to pin down an end-point for those to whom I report. I just about have them convinced, that a client base which does not understand the relationship between time and money -- they have no time to do it right, plenty of time to do it over, and never have to spend money on corrections -- can pose this sort of a challenge.

So the goal is to give them something at least for review by Wednesday close of business. One of them will return with (we can only hope) minor corrections. The other will have a litany of further alterations a mile long. That should take them at least a few days.

The other thing I have to do, is update my assignment log for the year, close out the old books, and prepare a new set. This is essential not only for the operation of the division, but for my performance evaluation. And so the next three days will be rather hectic. I may publish one or two things already in progress. But I just wanted the entire Catholic blogosphere to brace themselves, for the empty void that may follow.

At least until I'm safely on the road.

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