Thursday, September 02, 2010

Guitar Workshop: Telecaster Breakdown

For this week's edition of Guitar Workshop, we were inspired by last week's reference to the Fender Telecaster. This model has become the quintessential choice for the country guitar or "rockabilly" sound, because it's got that special "twang thang" goin' on, know what I mean? So here we've got a good example of hot licks and smooth moves, from Ted Tuck of the King Daddy Polecats.

This session is recommended for the intermediate player. And unless you've already got it down, we recommend starting out with our two lessons earlier this year, the one on the pentatonic scale, and that of the embellishments thereof. It also helps to have a basic command of barre chording, as our instructor assumes you've got that down too.

Now, for our next lesson, do I do something in this genre for the beginner, or go for broke and get into Brian Setzer? Hmmm ...

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